About S.J.

I've been making art in various forms since I first realized as a very young child that I preferred my life as an introvert. I spent hours most days outside building homes for elves out of leaves and sticks and wild mushroom caps in rural New England, daydreaming most of the time...things haven't changed much in my life as an adult. I prefer animals over humans and crowds freak me out. I left my New England life many moons ago, yet it burns wildly in my heart still to this day. Currently living off grid out in the Mountain Empire east of San Diego with my dude, dog and some pigs. One of them is named Guyute.

As an artist I believe in self expression and the right to be free. Without this form of communication with the world, my days as a human on this planet in this dimension would, for lack of a better word, suck. A blank canvas is probably my most favorite thing ever; not because of the shiny new feel to it, but because there are endless realms and possibilities that lie right in front of my eyes. Each blank canvas I turn into something is my way of communicating with this strange world. Sometimes it is very painful, to be honest - but that's love, right?

We in this life are dreamers and free thinkers. I am with you on this journey. Do not be afraid to rock the boat. Do not be afraid to express yourself. Do not be afraid to be free.

Thank you for existing

xo sj